Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hello please ignore all that came before.

My name is Teena and Im officially in America, I know how i got here and its a pretty long story so I will not transcripting it onto these pages as wel, i do not the attention span or the patience to do that. I do procrastinate and am kind of lazy, I hate to run but really should so i can get in shape for basketball season. I love Netball but sisnce im here im gonna make hay while the sun shines and play the different sports that are on offer at my new school. I am me and if your comkmenting please do not insult me as i also have a temper and a pretty nasty one in fact and i will hunt you down and hurt you. I may be 5'2 1/2 but what I lack in height i make up for in other ways. Well that is all for now and more is too come. Bye

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